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29 June
several, Pennsylvania, United States
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a clockwork orange, akira, alice in chains, american beauty, anthrax, anything thats funny, bad brains, batman, batman: animated, black sabbath, buddyhead, calvin & hobbes, chip kidd, clerks, danzig, dead kennedys, dragon ball z, drawing, drinking, faith no more, fight club, frank miller, frank zappa, futurama, green jello, gwar, high fidelity, hunter s. thompson, king's x, kurt vonnegut, living colour, mallrats, megadeth, misfits, mystery science theater 3000, nine inch nails, orwell, ozzy, pantera, primus, pulp fiction, rollins band, salinger, shawshank redemption, snatch, soundgarden, system of a down, tenacious d, the simpsons, the state, therapy?, tool, video games, x-cops
Although I love talking about myself there is no way to sum my self up so concisely that I could fit it in this miiscule space. I'm a realist or as many of you like to call it a cynic. I have very low tolerance for people who have very low intelligence. I enjoy nearly any music that is truly creative and/or rebelious... Creativity is the most important gift we have as humans and most of you don't even use it...